Sarri: Bella maga di gnido

Cantata à voce sola di soprano
Forces: soprano & continuo

Source: BL Add 38036 ff 12v - 16v

This is from a British Library manuscript with the inscription 'CANTATE de diversi gran Maestri', dated 1706 which contains cantatas by Legnani, Bencini, Sarri, Lotti, Caldara, Buononcini, Conti, Torri, Monarii, Ariosti, Fago, Mancini, Tosi, Martini, Scarlatti, and Albinoni. It contains a wealth of information about the continuo figures used as the copyist has taken a great deal of care with them. The text concerns Goddess of Love's ability to enchant those who behold her (Gnido is likely to be the ancient Greek city of Knidos, now in Turkey, where there was a temple to Venus).


e: e' - g'' Editor: James Sanderson

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